Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Feeva


Amazing what temperatures above 50 degrees and a little sunshine will do to your mental state. Amazing and crazy all at the same time. Let's break that down shall we:

Amazing - in the sense that anytime during the winter weather I didn't want to do anything, I used the same excuse. "It's too cold." An excuse usually agreed upon by another party. "Yeah, man. Screw that. It's too cold." Body just goes into shut down mode. A sort of mobile hibernation. Things only get, or got, done because they simply had to. Now that it's starting to warm up a bit, the body and mind are more like, "Okay, I finished that. What's next? I have to be doing something! Can't waste a beautiful day like this!" Amazing the 180 that occurs. Which in turn leads me to the crazy......

Crazy - In hindsight it is absolutely crazy that so much was put off for 1/4 of the year because I didn't like the weather. Do I do that every year? Let's just say that I have and just count the time that I've been married. That would put me at roughly a year and a half of my marriage that I've not gotten anything done because 'it's too cold'. My poor wife. I'm sorry dear. Or let's even go back further to when I started chores. Say age 12. If I went on shut down during the winter starting at that age, that means I've managed to get out of doing things by using the 'cold' excuse for 78 months, or almost 7 years, so far. What's even crazier about it being warmer, is it makes you think that you will get 127 things on your to do list completed in a day and a half. "I need to put up a fence, build a swingset, go running, take the kids to the park, build patio furniture, go camping, fishing, paint some spots around the outside of the house, plant a garden, run some electric out to the shed, mow the lawn, play fetch with the dog, and eat dinner by 8 o'clock." And the crazy thing is, I KNOW I can make that happen.

I love this weather. I love watching life spring up out of myself, my wife, others around us, and every other living thing that's taken a nap. It's exciting isn't it? The winter months are not the best, but it really makes you appreciate the life that it brings out when it's over.

So, thanks for doing your job winter. Now let's get out and do something!


Annette said...

yeah, get to work! ha ha! you have things on your list I didn't know about... paint spots around the house? where? I love how you have taken on MY to do things that you don't do(like gardening). I love you.we do the best we can and take one task at a time(even if it takes 2 yrs to complete it).

David P Sheehan said...

Nice Tony. I just took the time to check this out again and catch up on your thoughts....Keep 'em commin'...Peace...:~)